Is Leopard Print the New Black?

My laundry pile has transformed into something out of Tarzan.

That's a bit of an over statement, but lately, I've been wearing leopard print every chance I get.

I picked up on the leopard trend when Kate Spade released their collab collection with Man Repeller, "LEOPARD LEOPARD LEOPARD". They held a pop up shop in NYC and even had adoptable domestic kittens on site. The Instagram coverage was fantastic and got the idea into my head that I should give leopard a second chance. In the past, I scorned leopard; yet, I wore it anyways.

Also, if you aren't familiar with Man Repeller, it's a fashion blog that's worth a scroll through. Their tagline is "Where an interest in fashion never minimizes one's intellect" and I think that's beautiful. 
The question is, "Is Leopard Print the New Black?". I've managed to translate this trend into a fall uniform, pairing leopard with almost anything. My favorite combination by far is golden rod an…

Illusions of Elegance takes National Bridal Market Chicago

Amidst all of the fashion month posts on social media, I found myself posting my own front row shots of runway shows two weekends ago...  No! I wasn't at New York Fashion Week but I was at the National Bridal Market in Chicago!   You may recall, I've been working as a sales consultant at my local bridal boutique for almost two years (delve into the archives and read 5 Things I've Learned As A Dress Consultant). I've made wedding dress dreams come true and I've created some really killer window displays but something I hadn't experienced was the process of choosing dresses and other products for our store... in person.    This year my boss took (almost) all of the staff to the National Bridal Market in Chicago for two days of buying. Let me tell you, it. was. a. lot.
  My coworkers and I stopped at a few costume jewelry stores the night before we went to the bridal market. A pair of earrings that would be seen as being too large or heavy for our costumer base lo…

Never Hesitate to do the Right Thing

Never Hesitate to do the Right Thing  It baffles me how much people let themselves get walked over. Whether someone treats them wrongly or they see someone do something flat out wrong... a large percentage of people just don't do anything about it!
  When I was a freshman in high school, I had an issue with a guy who would touch my butt during class. It was very bizarre and for the sake of time I'll just say that it took me some time to figure out what was going on behind me. I asked around ---That sounds way too chill. I was not chill about this.--- I sent out a mass Instagram message to a bunch of girls from varying social groups in my grade asking them if they had any experiences with this guy being a 'booty hunter'. I got some responses and I started formulating a written report of what happened. One girl had repeated incidents with this guy who would purposely sit behind her in class, take pictures of her butt, etc. and yet, she never said anything to a teacher. Ot…

Confessions from Someone with Clothing Commitment Issues

It's Not You, It's Me
  I go through clothes quickly and not in the sense that my clothes wear out after five or six wears... I fall out of love with recently purchased pieces after five weeks. 
  It's a terrible feeling when you begin hating a piece that you once loved on the racks. Your mind travels back to the happy beginning, falling in love, dropping every preconceived idea of what you were wearing the next week just so you could wear the new piece. Then suddenly, you realize you've worn the new piece five times and it's starting to lose it's luster. It's starting to feel old. It's starting to feel *gasp* over worn
  Then I'll find something I hate about the dress or the pair of pants and I'll dread making the mistake of deciding to wear it. 

The neckline is awful. The waist is too big and the legs scrunch up when I walk. This top reveals my bra straps too easily. 
  It's a nightmare! I have commitment issues with my clothes. I find mysel…

Thoughts from the Twice-Over New Girl

As an only child, my mother realized how it important it was for me to be around kids my age as much as possible. She made sure to take me to reading time at the library, Sunday school, dance class, soccer, and T-ball. She'd set up play dates and make friends with other parents, and voila! My mom's friend's kid was now my friend. I would go on play dates with Alaina, Claire, Emily, and Gracie, kids who were in my preschool class. Since that bond was established so early on, I would always have these friends, even if we weren't in the same class. I think that if I hadn't moved away from St. Croix Falls, I would still be friends with these girls because they're honestly really nice people. 
I still follow Alaina on Instagram. She's one of my oldest friends and I think that it's so cool to see her prom photos and photos with her little sister. Technology is amazing.
Unfortunately, I've had to go through this moving process one too many times. I had spe…

Sunrise State of Mind

I’m a sunrise person.
Walking outside before the sun rises is like walking into your parents’ bedroom while they are sleeping.  Everything is dark and your world is asleep. Suddenly there’s this shift in the night that goes unnoticed as the sun tiptoes into view.
If you’ve ever walked outside when the sun is almost in the center of the sky, you’ll know the quiet moment I’m talking about. You might hear a car door slam in the distance or a bird singing briefly but for the most part, the world is quiet.
The sun shares this intimate moment with nature every single day.

Despite the effortless beauty of the sunrise, people romanticize sunsets, the rolling credits at the sometimes bittersweet end of the day.
It’s easier to notice the sun descending from the sky, dragging a rainbow of colors behind it, I agree, but to me there’s less beauty and more sadness in endings.
When the sun rises there’s all of this unknown possibility of what they day will bring. When the sun sets things become final…