Thoughts from the Twice-Over New Girl

As an only child, my mother realized how it important it was for me to be around kids my age as much as possible. She made sure to take me to reading time at the library, Sunday school, dance class, soccer, and T-ball. She'd set up play dates and make friends with other parents, and voila! My mom's friend's kid was now my friend. I would go on play dates with Alaina, Claire, Emily, and Gracie, kids who were in my preschool class. Since that bond was established so early on, I would always have these friends, even if we weren't in the same class. I think that if I hadn't moved away from St. Croix Falls, I would still be friends with these girls because they're honestly really nice people. 
I still follow Alaina on Instagram. She's one of my oldest friends and I think that it's so cool to see her prom photos and photos with her little sister. Technology is amazing.
Unfortunately, I've had to go through this moving process one too many times. I had spe…

Sunrise State of Mind

I’m a sunrise person.
Walking outside before the sun rises is like walking into your parents’ bedroom while they are sleeping.  Everything is dark and your world is asleep. Suddenly there’s this shift in the night that goes unnoticed as the sun tiptoes into view.
If you’ve ever walked outside when the sun is almost in the center of the sky, you’ll know the quiet moment I’m talking about. You might hear a car door slam in the distance or a bird singing briefly but for the most part, the world is quiet.
The sun shares this intimate moment with nature every single day.

Despite the effortless beauty of the sunrise, people romanticize sunsets, the rolling credits at the sometimes bittersweet end of the day.
It’s easier to notice the sun descending from the sky, dragging a rainbow of colors behind it, I agree, but to me there’s less beauty and more sadness in endings.
When the sun rises there’s all of this unknown possibility of what they day will bring. When the sun sets things become final…

WILDFOX is Everything You've Been Looking For

I am totally buggin' over the California brand Wildfox and you should be too. 

As you know, I'm insanely brand loyal even if I can't afford the clothes. Wildfox is a brand that I've followed since Miley Cyrus was featured in some crap magazine in the "Seeing Stars" sweater. I even bought a similar sweater from Kohls back in middle school to capture the look. I was hooked. Wildfox is such a special brand to me because it pulls pop culture into its designs in a less than trashy way. Where Forever 21 makes a tee shirt, Wildfox makes 25 sweaters. The collection that put Wildfox back on my radar was the Spring 2013 "We're the Kids in America" tribute to Amy Heckerling (aka the Goddess behind 'Clueless'). 

I super low key worshipped Clueless back in the day. Look at these designs and try to tell me that they don't evoke nostalgia. You can't!
I love how Wildfox just effortlessly encompasses a modern pastel princess vibe inside of every…

Review: Catfish & the Bottlemen Take the Rave

Catfish and the Bottlemen: A Review from The Rave
   Not to brag or anything, but I had the best seats in the house for the Catfish & the Bottlemen concert at The Rave last week in Milwaukee. I left the venue starry eyed; occasionally murmuring a "Wow".     While I'm a little biased, seeing as I'm a huge fan, it's safe to say that Catfish and the Bottlemen blew my mind. CATB creates this massive wave of sound that hits your ears in just the right spot.    I purchased VIP Balcony seats (fitting because CATB's first album is The Balcony) and while there was considerable less energy above the stage, ultimately it was worth not being splashed with beer and sweat from strangers... plus, I had a front row view of the entire stage which is priceless. 8/10 would recommend to a friend    The Worn Flints opened for Catfish. I hadn't done any research on The Worn Flints before the show so I wasn't sure what to expect. They remind me of Cage the Elephant a litt…

An Opinion on American Culture

America the Beautiful   American culture, for better or worse, is intense. As a country, Americans are progress driven and money hungry which isn't bad for America but it isn't healthy either. We Americans morphed the American Dream into this unrealistic expectation of everything in our lives running like a well oiled machine: picture perfect family, healthy body and mind, clean and well organized home, successful career, money, and a charismatic personality to match.

  We all have this image in our heads of how things are supposed to be. Hollywood has crafted this image through dynamic and memorable stories and characters but what we fail to remember about the characters we idolize and the stories we emulate is that there's always a fatal flaw or issue. There's no story without conflict, right? Gatsby couldn't move on/ bring back the past so he didn't grow as a character which led to his ultimate demise. Yet he is seen by many as the man who has it all: the hous…

Go Against The Grain

Go Against The GrainTreasure Hunts Suck   Shopping is akin to going on a treasure hunt. You spend time searching high and low for something worth your hard earned money, for what? A small handful of pieces that were actually worth the time and effort?     Shoppers tend to stay within their comfort zone: trusted stores and brands. They find themselves coming back again and again, sometimes despite the outcome of their purchases. Cheap material that's almost transparent? --I paid the price for it Something breaks after a wear or two? --It must have been a fluke on my part. Mystery hole? --It had to have been me   As a consumer, I find myself making excuse after excuse for the company... and returning for more clothes on my next shopping spree.  It Doesn't Have to be Like This.     My call to action for all consumers is this: If you aren't getting the quality that you expect, think about the stores and brands you are throwing money at. Rid yourself of the pack mentality that, "…

Back to Rock and Roll: Catfish and the Bottlemen Don't Disappoint

Between writing articles and working, I've made time to check out the band that's been making waves in the US from across the pond---Catfish and the Bottlemen. Despite the quirky name, which sounds more like the name of a Weird Al cover band than an alt. rock group, these four dark haired Brits are some of the most ambitious musicians in the business... and it's not hard to see why. Catfish's blend of catchy power choruses, energetic rock beats, and well executed guitar solos proves their status as last year's recipients of the Brit Award for British Breakthrough Act.

     Take a listen at some of Catfish's biggest tracks on Spotify. "7" and "Kathleen" rank at the top while my current jam, "Twice", is at fourth with "Soundcheck" close behind (video above). 
     While most of their top hits are similar in style, CATB don't just stick to the basic alt/indie rock groove. Less celebrated tracks such as 'Tyrants…