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What's Wrong With Telling People You Appreciate Them? ❤️

Back story - I Moved & Misc. Thoughts About My Life Five Months Ago
Knowing You're Gonna Be Gone
Five months ago I moved to a new town. I had known that I was going to move since February. It's a weird thing knowing that you're moving. You also really learn about yourself and other people. You get prepared to say goodbyes, try to make every moment special, and let the promise of new beginnings carry you through those long nights when you are crying about not being able to grow up with the people you've become so close to over the course of the year. Is it better to know that you are leaving for months than to suddenly be told you are moving in a few weeks? I don't know. The pure length of time I knew was torture. You hear other people making plans for next year and you think... I'm not going to be here. But, whenever I'd be having a rough day, I'd repeat the name of my new town in my head over and over again. Marshfield, Marshfield, Marshfield. I'…

Can I Stand in Your Light Just For a While?


Introduction // Who's this "Illusions of Elegance"?

Who is this Illusions of Elegance? Illusions of Elegance is a blogger! Surprise, surprise, there's a person behind your computer screen who has typed these words! My name is Bailey, and I'm a blogger. 
What are you going to tell us, you know, about you? Well, all you, as a reader, really need to know is this... My name is Bailey and I've got big dreams. On the surface, I may seem like just another fashion obsessed blogger. But, if you dive deeper, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a girl with a good head on her shoulders, big ideas, and an eye (and passion) for color, clothing, and music. 
What is Illusions of Elegance? Illusions of Elegance is an attempt to move my blog to a better platform. I've been using different platforms; I've played around with Tumblr but still craved something more. My actual blog has been running for about two years on Polyvore. Polyvore isn't exactly the best blogging platform though I do enjoy using it. You may find some …