Introduction // Who's this "Illusions of Elegance"?

Who is this Illusions of Elegance?

Illusions of Elegance is a blogger! Surprise, surprise, there's a person behind your computer screen who has typed these words! My name is Bailey, and I'm a blogger. 

What are you going to tell us, you know, about you?

Well, all you, as a reader, really need to know is this...
My name is Bailey and I've got big dreams. On the surface, I may seem like just another fashion obsessed blogger. But, if you dive deeper, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a girl with a good head on her shoulders, big ideas, and an eye (and passion) for color, clothing, and music. 

What is Illusions of Elegance?

Illusions of Elegance is an attempt to move my blog to a better platform. I've been using different platforms; I've played around with Tumblr but still craved something more. My actual blog has been running for about two years on Polyvore. Polyvore isn't exactly the best blogging platform though I do enjoy using it. You may find some references to my Polyvore blog, and that's okay! You can always take a peek at that too!

More about me... Here Who is this Illusions of Elegance?

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