Crash Course in: Christmas Parties ❄️

❄️ Alleluia, It's the Holidays! ❄️

Everyone loves a good party but all of the prep before having a party can be a tidal wave of stress on the calm, sunny oasis that is your life. I personally love the holidays, but then again I'm the queen of Christmas cards and wrapping gifts. I love matching the ribbon to the wrapping paper. I look forward to the challenge of wrapping an oddly shaped present that won't fit in a box. I am giddy at the sight of the long list of names that I'm sending Christmas cards to. I start cutting Christmas cards in August. (This year I made 54!) But, not everyone squirms with excitement when Halloween ends and the Christmas music starts playing in their local grocery store. The holidays can be filled with pressure to buy the perfect gift for your distant aunt or best friend. Your mind may go blank when you try to brain storm gifts for your immediate family. Some may dread the passing around of the Secret Santa Hat at work. Questions about what to wear to the many Christmas parties you've been invited to cloud your mind as you try to drift to sleep. Your heart starts to beat faster when your coworker who still manages to have perfect Christmas spirit every single year reminds you that it's only ___ days until Christmas! That's where I come in! This post is dedicated to what to wear too every type of holiday party that you've been so graciously invited to this holiday season! I can't promise that I won't make silly Christmas puns, but I will promise you that you'll close this tab feeling more confident about Christmas party attire. Let's begin! 
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❄️ Have Yourself a Merry Little Office Party ❄️

Despite what Mad Men tells us, office parties are not a time to bust out your sexy bodycon dress to seduce your coworkers. That's the exact opposite of what you want to do. You're still at work no matter how much egg nog you drink! You want to remain professional while still looking like you aren't stuffy Martha over there in the corner cubicle... she's going to get coal in her stocking if she doesn't crack a smile at the silly Christmasy jokes your boss is telling! Though I'm not saying to cover yourself up completely, I'm suggesting not to wear something you'd consider going clubbing in. Here are so gorgeous office appropriate dresses and outfits that are at your finger tips before the parties begin! 

Spotlight on Rent the Runway
What is RtR? Rent the Runway is a website where you can rent designer dresses, accessories, and jewelry for a fraction of the price. When you rent you have the option to order in two different sizes in case the original one doesn't fit right! Right now, the Badgley Mischka Holiday Capsule collection is available exclusively at RtR. I'll show you a few of my favorite looks from the capsule collection throughout this post.