Spring Cleaning Doesn't Just Apply to Your Closet

Spring Cleaning Doesn't Just Apply to Your Closet

Boost your zen by cleaning out areas in your life you didn't know needed cleaning

March 2016

Day Turns to Night, Night Turns to Day, Suddenly Calendar Has Turned a Page

Rehearsal, school, clubs, rehearsal, work, repeat. Rehearsal, school, clubs, rehearsal, work, repeat. My weeks are a repeating record of activities and responsibilities. Spring is always the busiest time of year for me. Every activity struggles to grasp a piece of my time which seems to be in short supply these days. I don't have a night where I'm not doing something. But I'm not complaining about being busy. I enjoy being apart of every activity I'm involved in, although when two activities have to fight for my time on a particular day, I get stressed out. I feel terrible about having to miss things. I always think, I made a commitment to both, I need to go to both. Arriving late makes me especially stressed out, I'm always afraid of the consequences even if I told the activity director I would be late. Oh, but enough about me! My point is that spring is busy. As soon as the snow melts (or even before), calendars explode with new obligations. When a free day is finally dug up from a mess of rehearsals and appointments, you spend it cleaning. Yes, instead of sleeping in and relaxing we dig out our garbage bags and clean our homes. Spring cleaning is invigorating. 

Clean Your Homes. Clean Your Closet! Clean Up Your Social Media?

In her article "System Addict" featured in British Vogue (January 2012), Kathleen Baird-Murray tells the world, "... I have become as oversensitive and insecure as a teenager (Should I tweet this or will everyone find it boring? Should I tweet that or will they think I'm showing off? Did I come across as rude in that last missive?); borderline neurotic if someone doesn't reply (Maybe they don't like me. They definitely don't like me. They just replied to @her; why not @me?)." I can relate to this on a similar level. I see sixteen comments on one girl's photo where the text doesn't stray far from the fire emoji or 'Beautiful!'. Am I jealous? I probably am to an extent. I find strands of comments like that insanely annoying and almost tacky though it would be nice if my selfie was lifted up as high as that other girl's. In times like these, I ask myself, is it all real? Are they just kissing her butt? Why don't I have friends that do that? Am I boring? 

Look at all that self doubt. 

While scrolling through Instagram, one can't help but notice the amount of likes other people get on their photos. On a good day, mine breaks forty likes. Forty used to be a big number to me. Then I see Miss Fire Emoji's photo and she has eighty, or one hundred and twenty likes. 

I'm a serial liker. I seem to find a good piece out of every photo on my feed, so I like it. When you double tap, the heart turns red, and you feel like you did something good. You gave someone a compliment. If you want to go farther, you can comment something along the lines of "Save some good looks for the rest of us" or "Daaaannnnngggg!" or even "Stop being so pretty!!". Unfortunately, out of my 358 followers, maybe one does that on a regular basis. 

Any user of social media (Baird-Murray also points out that the internet must be a drug because the users are called... well... users) will vouch that social media eats up a lot of time. Even if I try to breeze through Instagram in the morning, I still waste at least fifteen minutes liking pictures alone. There's a huge number of social media programs available these days to use. I alone have an Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tumblr account. On all of those accounts, I'm following at least twenty people. 

This week I made a long over due decision to unfollow people on my Instagram. I unfollowed people I barely knew, people I knew didn't care about me, Miss Fire Emojis, and people that I only followed because we went to the same school. I managed to unfollow one hundred people. As I went along, scrolling through who I was following, a wave of energy washed over me. I was deleting negativity from my daily news feed. I find myself spending less time on Instagram already. Following less people means have less to scroll through every time you open the app. 

I challenge you to try and unfollow unneeded people from your social media. I hope you catch a wave of positive vibes just as I did. Happy spring cleaning!


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