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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, do these yoga pants make my butt look small?

A discussion of athleisure and a code of ethics in day to day fashion      In the early 2000s (arguably one of fashion's dark ages), fashion was embracing the revolutionary idea of athleisure, athletic clothes that you can wear outside the gym. Juicy Couture's brightly colored velour track suits (made popular by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez) and technological textile advancements with spandex had the world embracing the "I just went to the gym" look. The transition of sportswear into the wardrobes of those who haven't run a mile since high school was a huge turning point in fashion. Fashion started embracing looking healthy and dressing like you just got done with yoga class or another health guru merit badge worthy activity. Soon the wardrobes of Americans were swarmed with leggings and athletic inspired clothing. One could be completely against the athleisure bandwagon and still find a piece or two in her closet that was touched by the suffoc…

I Will Never Live Like You Do