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The Supporting Role

The Supporting RoleA letter to ensure a reality check among theatre kids   Dear Theatre Kids and Curious Minds Alike,    You've gone through auditions and maybe even callbacks and now you've read the cast list. No matter what role has been chosen for you, you're going through a wave of emotions. You may be shaking and unable to concentrate on the words in front of you. You might have lost all hope already and are waiting for a surprise written on the wall for you. Maybe you've already burst into tears and refuse to talk to anyone. Truly, after the cast list is posted is when a theatre kid is most vulnerable.    More often than not, you won't get that nice juicy lead. Sometimes you'll be put in the chorus. Not stuck in the chorus, put in the chorus. I want everyone to understand something. Theatre is a beast. There is no such thing as post cast list depression. If you think there is, you're being a drama queen. I'm not being insensitive. You might be think…

Short Hair, Don't Care

Short Hair, Don't CareFeaturing a heart warming narration of tales from my childhood, a short justification of my personality,  and an empowering conclusion    "Short Hair, Don't Care" should be the title for my autobiography. But seeing how long it took me to get around to writing this post, the world has a long, long time to wait before that hits the shelves. Recently, my hair stylist, Beckie, took my pixie cut to a new level. She shaved the sides for me and made me look a little more badass. I've ventured into pixie cut territory I've never been in before.  A First Time for Everything   The first time I cut my hair drastically short was in sixth grade. I did not deserve the long blonde locks that I'd had throughout my childhood. I always wore my hair straight down, it never looked special. I had previously tried to reinvent my look. Sixth grade was a time when I was fascinated with emo people. I had never seen anything like them before. I was so inspired…