Megyn Kelly's Dress at the RNC: What is Wrong with this Situation?

  Social media exploded as soon as Megyn Kelly went on air during the Republican National Convention last week. I was watching as Paul Ryan began the convention. Just the like rest of the world, I had an instant reaction to what Megyn Kelly was wearing.
  I love Megyn Kelly; I really do. I've been watching Fox News since the days when she would contribute to debates on the Bill O'Reilly show before The Megyn Kelly Show was even created. I read the article that Elle magazine did on her about three (maybe more) years ago when they called her a girl boss and a role model to young girls. This woman has worked her butt off to get to where she is today! She asks the difficult questions that other news channels are too wimpy to ask. I love watching Ms. Kelly get into a heated debate with someone who doesn't know what they are talking about and absolutely slay. 
  With that being said, it's safe to say I know a thing or two about Megyn Kelly and her style. She pushes the boundaries of what is normal for a news anchor to wear. When Ms. Kelly appeared on my television screen last week in a spaghetti strap dress that resembled a swim dress, I mentally said, whattt? Is it that hot in there? 

     It's true that Megyn Kelly looked half naked sitting at a table with men wearing suits and ties. In the first photo on this post, it almost looks like she's sitting there in a bra. 
     The internet harassed Fox News saying that it was hard to take their coverage seriously while one of the reporters looks like she works for an escort company. I found that comment to be an inappropriate assessment of the situation. 
  I read this really great article by Suzanne Lucas and it explains something I tried to explain in my post "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, do these yoga pants make my butt look small?". Lucas reports, 
  "Here's the deal: Society has norms, and when you go against those norms you're going to get backlash. There's a reason employees at Target wear khaki pant and red shirts...and there's a reason you put on a suit when you go for a job interview. Your clothing is a symbol that indicates who you are. You don't see emo teens wearing pink party dresses, and you don't see biker gangs wearing tuxedos. Everyone chooses their clothing (or in the case of a uniform, the boss chooses the clothing) because it represents who they are and what they do." 
     She continues, 
  "It's not about women being held to a different standard, and it's not about sexism. It's about societal norms. If her male co-host had shown up in a tuxedo or a Hawaiian shirt, that would have been equally inappropriate. This challenging of societal norms doesn't justify people calling her names or insulting her. Saying 'That dress wasn't appropriate for a reporter' is one thing. Saying 'she's a horrible person because she wore spaghetti straps on the air' is quite another."
  The dress that Megyn Kelly wore was not what was expected of her but the RNC is done and over. People should not to continue to bash Fox News for how Megyn dressed herself that day for the RNC. People should definitely stop ripping on Megyn for wanting to feel pretty and be comfortable on an important day for her career. Stop slut shaming her!
  I mentioned earlier that the article on Megyn Kelly's dress expressed something that I tried to explain in one of my past blog posts. That point was that your clothing is a symbol that indicates who you are. Everyone chooses their clothing because it represents who they are and what they do. If you don't want to be associated with a certain group, don't wear that clothing. An example of that is if you are at a job interview and don't want to look like a high school student, dress a little nicer. You can impress people through the way you dress. It's the first thing someone sees when they meet you or see you on the street; why not make a good first impression?

Here's a link to the article I quoted, feel free to comment your feelings on the Megyn Kelly RNC dress No, Megyn Kelly Should Not Have Worn That Dress


Big News: Introducing Carly Rhyner!

Carly Rhyner & Me during our latest photo adventure
Photo credits: Carly Rhyner, June 2016

Who is this chick in the photo next to me?

  Blogging is a passion of mine and I have been working on making Illusions of Elegance the best and most professional it can be while still providing quality material that my readers have fallen in love with over the course of this blog's existence. With that being said, I decided that I couldn't make this happen all by myself. In the early days of Illusions of Elegance, to get photos, I would set the timer on my dinosaur fossil of a digital camera which was positioned on an even older tripod and run to get in the shot. I knew that I could have better photos if I got help. 
  As most of my readers know, I work at a formal dress store (more on that in an upcoming post!). I've been working there since January! On my first day, I met Carly Rhyner. She was one of the brightest faces in the store on that Saturday in January and above all, she helped me to learn the ropes of being a dress consultant. 
  I mentioned to Carly that I was looking for a photographer, and I eventually hired her. Her work will be flooding my news feed throughout the future of all Illusions of Elegance posts.

Meet Carly Rhyner!

Carly Rhyner is a 19 year old college student who is at a pivotal point in her life. She is currently deciding between two majors: musical theatre and marine biology. Though I met her in a 'professional' environment, we still became friends. Carly loves to spend her time playing tennis, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends. She has a huge collection of music on Spotify and has a song for every situation.
  What should you know about Carly? Well, for starters, she's really good behind a camera. Carly knows how to direct a subject and comes up with super cute things for me to do. She also will be with me for a short time. Carly will be transferring colleges sometime after this school year, so I'm going to be even more sad when she leaves seeing as I'll have to find someone to fill her shoes. She's already (even after one shoot) made huge shoes to fill. 


A Look Into An Alternate Universe: Haute Couture Fall 2016

A Look Into An Alternate Universe: Haute Couture Fall 2016

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2016
Look 21
  The excess of the fashion world either hypnotizes or turns off every soul who takes a peek into its world. The ones who don't understand see a waste of time and materials. They see the street style girls and boys parade around the outside of the venues where shows take place and scoff. Who are these weirdos who tromp around in costumes that they call fashion? Others, the ones who appreciate the art form, crawl out of hibernation to appreciate the short season when the shows run. 
  As a die hard Ready to Wear enthusiast, the Haute Couture shows mark the beginning of the new season for me. I start to anticipate September when fashion week runs. I begin to create a new style forecast and review my InStyle magazine collection almost religiously to get a feel for what will stay in and what will be left behind. 
  Although fashion thrives on ready to wear sales, one cannot ignore the mesmerizing fantasy that Haute Couture brings into our lives. Though the vast majority of the population will never even touch a Haute couture garment, Haute Couture is still a staple in a designer's work. Our world is obsessed with fashion because it brings us excess and stardom wrapped in prestige. Haute Couture fuels the fire behind a fashion house. It builds an army of die hard brand loyal buyers and creates a spectacle that inspires the world. Fashion is powerful and can bring a message to light through the art of clothing. 
  With that being said, 2016 is a year to remember for fall haute couture. There were many important events and changes that occurred. 

Au Revoir, Maria Grazia Chiuri 

Look No. 7
Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2016
  The dynamic duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli recently shared their last show together at Valentino. Ms. Chiuri left Valentino to take up the role of the first ever woman creative director at Christian Dior. Her first show at Dior is set for September 30th and the anticipation is real. Former Christian Dior creative director Raf Simons announced last October that he would be leaving Christian Dior, leaving the spot vacant since. With Maria Grazia Chiuri entering the house, she has one of the most anticipated fashion shows of the season in her near future. On a personal note, my expectations are high. Though Raf Simons spent a short three years at Dior, he still made an impact on my life. His designs struck a chord for me during his Spring/Summer 2013 show and left me hungry for more. I burst into tears when I read he was leaving Dior. I wore all black the next day in mourning. Of course, new beginnings are always exciting and I hope Maria Grazia Chiuri stuns me in the way Raf Simons did. 
  The Valentino duo decided to end their reign together by celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare with a romantic collection filled with garments inspired by the Elizabethan era. The runway was flanked with puffed sleeves, delicate collars, and a color scheme that didn't stray far from the neutrals. Pierpaolo Piccoli will stay on at Valentino, becoming the sole creative chief. It will be exciting to see the future of both Christian Dior and Valentino in the upcoming seasons. 

Fifty Years of Fendi - A Never Ending Journey of Luxury

Look No. 33
Fendi Haute Couture Fall 2016

  Karl Lagerfeld led his star studded crowd back to a place of childhood wonder this season. Models floated past the crowd in weightless gowns, knee length fur coats, and ensembles decorated with mink fur flowers. In light pastels, delicate pictures that looked as if they were painted onto the fabrics showed images of fantastic castles, proud horses, magical forests, and the stars. Karl told insiders that he got the inspiration for this collection from East of the Sun, West of the Moon, a book of fairy tales from 1914. The long, romantic column dresses were complimented with mink fur capes that took guests to an enchanted forest. The amount of painstaking details put into each look displays the level of craftsmanship present in the Fendi ateliers. Though whimsical, each design was luxurious before anything else. Fendi's Fall 2016 show is Haute Couture in it's finest form. This show was a true celebration of Fendi. What a way to celebrate fifty years!