A Year of Illusions of Elegance

A Year of Illusions of Elegance

Photo courtesy of Kim Kopp
September 2016
  You caught me! It hasn't quite been a full year since Illusions of Elegance went live online. The actual anniversary is sometime in November... but seeing as my schedule has exploded, I don't know when I'll have another chance to celebrate. 
  For some of you reading this, you've been with me for the entire journey. You've watched me evolve from a greenhorn blogger into someone who is sure of their online presence. Thank you for sticking with me through the weird posts and awkwardly phrased sentences. 
  Others have just begun to tune into my thoughts displayed here on the world wide web. You can dive into my archives if you want to read work from my awkward phase. I will argue that I'm still in that awkward phase, especially when I'm writing about myself... 
I'm still learning. 
   When I start this blog, I didn't know what it would become. I knew I wanted a place to share my thoughts and opinions. I've done a lot of research to see how the popular and successful blogs run. 
  I've see award winning blogs. They share a lot of things in common, but one of the things I've noticed is that they have a simple theme and their posts don't say anything truly important.
  That's not me. 
  I'm here to inform and reflect. I'm not here to tell you how to organize your closet or what clothes I really like from a brand. I'm here to inform you on topics and help you with your life (as Oprah-y as that sounds), and yeah, I'm going to talk about things that I feel strongly on. 
  I'm going to talk about yoga pants. I'm going to talk about Brock Turner and my how much I love my job. I care about those things, and it looks like you, my reader, care about those things too. Page views don't lie.
  This blog has opened so many doors for me. Having a successful blog has made me stand out to employers. My blog contributed to me getting an internship at my local newspaper. People at school read Illusions of Elegance or my work in the newspapers and talk to me about it when they see me and that's just AWESOME. It makes me feel so great. Writers are so critical of themselves and getting feedback is so so so so so SO important.
  Thank YOU. Yes I'm thanking you specifically! I couldn't have been successful without you reading my work. It sounds so cheesy, I know, but you, the reader, have inspired me to keep posting on here. I'm not sure if everyone realizes how daunting of a task this is... posting an opinion into the abyss like internet, waiting for someone to bite. It hasn't been a smooth ride but this past year has been a journey nonetheless. 

  A lot of people ask me about my blog and how I do it. I tell them it's easy! (Lies!) But really, the hardest part is finding a worthy topic and sitting down to write it. If anyone is looking to start a blog or something of the sorts, you can always message me on social media and I'll give you some basic information.

  23 posts and 3,072 views and a year later and all I have to say is wow.


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