Stop Kicking My Heart Around: Remembering Pete Burns

   Pete Burns, the lead singer for the British glam punk pop band Dead or Alive, died Sunday, October 23 at the age of 57 from a 'massive cardiac arrest'. 
   I felt hollow while listening to DJ Hit that Button by Dead or Alive Monday night. Though I wasn't alive during their prime, the band Dead or Alive has shaped my music taste into the patchwork quilt it is today.  

I've listened to Dead or Alive since I was 8 years old. I discovered them just as most Americans do, through You Spin Me Round (Like A Record). The music video, to an 8 year old me, was so confusing, glamorous, and bizarre. But that was the point wasn't it? Glamour. Oddity. Fashion. Pete Burns confused the hell out of me as a child. I bought Evolution, a CD I still listen to regularly today, shortly after discovering the band. I was confused as to why the man on the cover of the album, Pete Burns himself, had a bright red mo-hawk and a safety pin in his cheek? Glam punk pop. That's why. 

      Yesterday, in preparation for this post, I watched a two of Pete's interviews: one from the 80s at the height of his fame, and one from 2006. Pete is unlike any person I've ever met or read about. He was so comfortable with himself and was very matter of fact while speaking to journalists, even at the beginning of his career in music when most people are unsure of their image. Instead of making himself into a pop star personality, he remained true to himself. He also was a clever lyricist that makes me giggle every time I pick up on one of his puns. 
"Well I used to have what I would call a very limited vocabulary, and the only two words I could wrap my tongue around were "I" and "me". But now I feel so clever that you would swear I ate a dictionary, and the new word that I've added brings up my words to three. What am I gonna do, word number three is "you"." 
  Those lyrics are from "I'd Do Anything" by Dead or Alive, a song I always crack a smile at.  

Isn't It a Pity That I'm Not the Prettiest Girl In the World?

Pete Burns post surgery

  One of the things most noted about Pete Burns was his extensive cosmetic surgeries through the years. I can't imagine my plastic surgery over shining my music and talents.

  Pete Burns started to undergo plastic surgery after his rise to fame. Pete wanted to become the physical example of perfection. In my mind, he reached his goal. The surgeries stabbed him in the back when a lip injection spread throughout his face and into his liver and kidneys. Pete had to undergo countless reconstructive surgeries to fix the injection-gone-bad. 

 Personally, I've always found Pete Burns to be a beautiful man circa the 80s, before any major cosmetic alterations. 
  Pete was such a lovable person with enormous amounts of talent. I think he was turned into a bit of a spectacle, a freak show attraction even, as soon as his face started to look unnatural. We got to know Pete Burns through his voice and music, and remember him as some plastic surgery addict...?


The Importance of Understanding Your Myers-Briggs Personality

Photo by Carly Rhyner
circa June 2016
   Recently, I decided to take the Myers-Briggs test. I'm really big into trying to understand why people do and act certain ways. I took this test along with a few others to find the best test for everyone to take. The one linked is my favorite because the results were so detailed and organized. Also, it's free! The actual Myers-Briggs test on MBTIonline.com costs $50. 

   If you don't already know, the Myers-Briggs test is a personality test based on psychology. The results give you four characters that represent different personality traits. Here's an example: ISFP stands for introverted, sensing, feeling, and perception. The test is a series of questions that solely has you to agree or disagree. 

   On the first day of school this year, my English teacher made us take a color personality test. We found out what color we are and what colors we don't work well with. For example, I am an orange and I clash with greens. When I found out who was green, things clicked and I understood why I didn't work well with them. 
   The color personality test is probably what prompted me to take the Myers-Briggs test. In seventh and eighth grade the guidance department made all of the kids in my class take career path tests and personality quizzes. I never really valued that until now. 

   Why is it so important to know your personality traits? Because you can find out where you have problems. For example, I am an ENTJ (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, judging). I am insensitive by nature and that can cause problems in my relationships with people.  My personality type makes up roughly 3% of the entire population.
Taken from Pinterest
   You may already know that you have issues like an inability to say no, letting your emotions get in the way of decisions, or being too self-oriented. Once you take the Myers-Briggs test, you'll have a better idea of who you are and what you need to work on / how to fix your weaknesses. 

   I wasn't shocked at all when I read the ENTJ weakness because they are all things people have complained to me about for years. Topping the list were being arrogant, stubborn and dominant, and being ruthless. This quote from my results really stood out to me as well: "It's not easy to stand up to a personality as big and blustery as ENTJs', and they too often find that others crumple under the force they apply when they really start to enjoy themselves." My biggest problem is that because I'm so bull headed I can cause problems without even realizing I've hurt feelings. I would say that I'm very in tune to myself and at the same time oblivious to others. 

   You don't solely hear about your weakness in your results. You also learn your best qualities. An example of one of my strengths is that I'm very goal oriented.  I am strong, driven, and hold myself to very high standards. ENTJs are a 'force to be reckoned with' and are known as the CEOs.

   After reading my personality profile, I thought long and hard about this newfound knowledge. It's like being finally diagnosed with a serious case of yourself (if that makes any sense?). I'm still trying to figure out how to use this knowledge to benefit myself and others. 

   Everyday our actions or words are misunderstood. By reading about yourself, you learn ways to prevent that from happening in the future. Also, I think that in a relationship or a friendship, if you know the personality of another person it will benefit you during conflict. Another valuable piece of information from my results was how I take criticism. That was something to chew on!  

   I honestly think that everyone should take some time to find out more about their personality. It really puts things in perspective. I strongly value opportunities for personal growth and I know others do too, that's why I decided to make a quick PSA to encourage people to do some soul searching or personality exploration. Happy hunting!