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Bath and Body Works 'Reinvents' Itself Once Again

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Bath and Body Works' prices are the only things that can hurt me.
   It's no secret that Bath and Body Works is good at what it does. With enticing product names and a "buy it before it's gone" strategy, Bath and Body Works is winning at the soap selling game. There is no company, in my opinion, that can compete with Bath and Body Works.  Now, don't get it in your head that Bath and Body Works is some angel sent from heaven to make you and your home smell great. No, Bath and Body Works is a bully. They get you hooked onto their products and the aesthetic that arises from them and then they raise the prices sky high. 
   I started shopping at Bath and Body Works about five years ago when the little PocketBac hand sanitizers were only $1.50. (I know this because I still have a couple of them... dud scents that I can't seem to use up). Today I stopped by my local Bath and Body Works location with a ten dollar off coupon…

Calm Your Tits: Vogue Proclaims "Death of Cleavage" & Creates Social Media Outrage

Explaining British Vogue's controversial statement the cleavage is dead
  British Vogue has recently announced that cleavage is dead. I find this ironic because yesterday I was thinking the exact thing. Fashion has moved towards showing shoulders, legs, midriffs, and anything but cleavage.   Admittedly, it does seem a little ridiculous to proclaim that "cleavage is dead". Nobody reads a magazine and follows it to a T. The fashion "Bible" that is Vogue is not really a Bible at all. Vogue is a mere compilation of ideas and fashion news that the reader can use to develop personal style. At least in my mind, that's the definition of a fashion magazine.   The hot topic article, written by Kathleen Baird-Murray, a journalist I cited in my post "Spring Cleaning Doesn't Just Apply to Your Closet", is just an observation of what celebrities and designers have been doing lately. Right now fashion is either one side of the two extremes: excessive skin or ta…