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WILDFOX is Everything You've Been Looking For

I am totally buggin' over the California brand Wildfox and you should be too. 

As you know, I'm insanely brand loyal even if I can't afford the clothes. Wildfox is a brand that I've followed since Miley Cyrus was featured in some crap magazine in the "Seeing Stars" sweater. I even bought a similar sweater from Kohls back in middle school to capture the look. I was hooked. Wildfox is such a special brand to me because it pulls pop culture into its designs in a less than trashy way. Where Forever 21 makes a tee shirt, Wildfox makes 25 sweaters. The collection that put Wildfox back on my radar was the Spring 2013 "We're the Kids in America" tribute to Amy Heckerling (aka the Goddess behind 'Clueless'). 

I super low key worshipped Clueless back in the day. Look at these designs and try to tell me that they don't evoke nostalgia. You can't!
I love how Wildfox just effortlessly encompasses a modern pastel princess vibe inside of every…