WILDFOX is Everything You've Been Looking For

I am totally buggin' over the California brand Wildfox and you should be too. 

As you know, I'm insanely brand loyal even if I can't afford the clothes. Wildfox is a brand that I've followed since Miley Cyrus was featured in some crap magazine in the "Seeing Stars" sweater. I even bought a similar sweater from Kohls back in middle school to capture the look. I was hooked.
Disclaimer: I had an awful cold when this picture was taken
Famed 'Seeing Stars' Sweater
Wildfox is such a special brand to me because it pulls pop culture into its designs in a less than trashy way. Where Forever 21 makes a tee shirt, Wildfox makes 25 sweaters. The collection that put Wildfox back on my radar was the Spring 2013 "We're the Kids in America" tribute to Amy Heckerling (aka the Goddess behind 'Clueless'). 

I super low key worshipped Clueless back in the day. Look at these designs and try to tell me that they don't evoke nostalgia. You can't!

"I Live Above Sunset"
I love how Wildfox just effortlessly encompasses a modern pastel princess vibe inside of every cultural reference infused collection. For example, Wildfox tried a "Valley of the Dolls" themed collection. If you haven't seen or read "Valley of the Dolls" it's a 60's movie and novel about the rise of three women into stardom and their ultimate downfall...heavy and depressing themes wrapped up in a glamorous package (aka Hollywood). It's a movie I need to see again because I didn't pay enough attention to it the first time. Think Marina and the Diamonds circa 'Primadonna'. 
Valley of the Dolls collection

Love this look & this sweater

The collection perfectly encapsulates the feeling of "Valley of the Dolls". Let's be real, I'm a sucker for a good sweater. 
Barbie loves Wildfox Collection
Beyond the stellar execution of the ideas behind the collections, Wildfox has fantastic presentation. 
People love seeing beautiful images and Wildfox creates alluring scenes that makes you feel something... makes you want to... I don't know... buy their product!
Romeo & Juliet Collection

I'm hopping on the bandwagon, joining the cult, whatever it is, I'm doing it. Wildfox is so girly, so casual meets fashion, and overall so FUN!

Recently I purchased my first Wildfox pullover... something I've been wanting to do since I was first introduced to the brand. I went really classic and got a simple pullover with "Wildfox" printed on it; I can't locate its original collection. I'm hoping not to get too carried away but mayyybbbeeee buy one of the more iconic pieces from collections that mean something to me...!

  I love this brand. I love its products. I don't love its prices but I'll get over it. Kimberley Gordon one of the original founders of Wildfox wrote this interesting blurb entitled "Why Spend?". In  it she explains that when you buy a product you aren't just supporting the ideas behind the product but you're supporting the entire brand and it's ideals. Gordon says that, "When I was younger I shopped at places like Forever 21, now I realize what that company has to sacrifice to keep their prices so low, including low pay for their employees, bad fabrics... and the stealing of other people's creativity and hard work." 

It's not a secret that Forever 21 steals designs and I'm not going into that today but sometimes paying an extra $30 for a product is better than paying $14.90. ANYWAYS, WILDFOX! Check it out! If you're not flush with cash (Me) you can check out what's for sale on Poshmark. That's where I found my new pullover. Pre-owned isn't bad when you're buying quality products. 

Juliet Capulet meets Reality TV collection
Meanwhile if anyone wants to sponsor my Wildfox addiction, I'm open to offers. 


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